About Us

Pteros took flight as a collaboration among software engineers, writers and artists to bring the general public the most comprehensive resource on our current knowledge of the world’s only flying reptiles, the pterosaurs.

For us, the most important part of having an encyclopedia of pterosaurs is the artwork. Pteros features the best paleo artists in the world bringing their favorite pterosaurs to life in their unique styles.

Eventually, within this site you’ll find exhaustive information on all known groups of pterosaurs, currently numbering around 150 genera. At launch, we will have 30 pterosaurs with at least one more promised every week until we have released all of them.

In addition to details about individual pterosaur genera, we have information about the environments and rock formations from which the pterosaurs came, including custom artwork of iconic scenes from the past.

Hope you enjoy Pteros!

  • Nick Garland

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    Nick Garland is a software engineer based in San Francisco. His love of paleontology began at age 11 when he made his first trips to abandoned coal mines in his home state of Kentucky to collect plant fossils. In 1994, he made his first website: a catalog of his growing fossil collection that was hosted on the now defunct GeoCities service. He’s been a lifelong lover of science, journalism and software development. He is also the Founder of natural history news site Earth Archives and curated science news site Science Actually.

  • Pete Buchholz

    Seattle, WA, USA
    Lead Writer

    Pete Buchholz is a science educator and writer based in Seattle. From a young age, he had a keen interest in science from tide-pooling to Mr. Wizard. His current scientific interests range from astronomy to geology to biology, but primarily paleontology with a focus on the early evolution of animals as well as Mesozoic archosaurs. Pete is a senior writer at the natural history news site Earth Archives.

  • Vasika Udurawane

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Vasika Udurawane is a writer from Colombo, Sri Lanka, who enjoys good food, cold air, movies and everything prehistoric. His interests began at the age of four when he first saw the BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs, a love that has persisted for the last seventeen years. He has participated in major creative writing workshops with acclaimed authors to hone his craft. By day he works freelance as a movie reviewer and as Lead Writer for the natural history news site Earth Archives.