Fabrizio De Rossi

Vienna, Austria


Fabrizio is a freelance creature-, concept- and paleo-artist based in and Vienna, Austria. He has always been fascinated by creatures of all kinds and has been drawing what came to his mind from a young age. In recent years he has taken up paleoart again and has been working on dinosaur reconstructions for the University of Vienna (Struthiosaurus austriacus for the 650th anniversary), for personal projects and for the indie game project ‘The Isle’. Fabrizio’s past occupations include an education in Graphic Design (with jobs at several agencies), animal handling (as well as conceptualizing, building and maintaining of nature-inspired enclosures for reptiles, amphibians and fish) and studying at the University of Vienna. His field is paleobiology, currently studying for a bachelor’s degree about Struthiosaurus austriacus.